"Il fatto che la comunità sia sempre presente nella vita di tutti i giorni ci fa sentire sicuri. Non è qualcosa di fluido, di liquido. Non ci abbandona mai e non ci fa sentire soli. Ogni qualvolta che ne abbiamo bisogno, la comunità a cui apparteniamo è sempre lì ad aspettarci e questo ci dà conforto". (Zygmunt Bauman).

sabato 4 dicembre 2010


One million books will be given away free in the UK and Ireland on 5 March 2010 for the inaugural World Book Night. Some 20,000 volunteers will hand out 48 copies each of their favourite book from a 25-strong list. A further 40,000 will be distributed by organisers.
Would-be volunteers apply through the event's website, choosing a book from the list which features Alan Bennett, John Le Carre and Margaret Atwood.
World Book Night chairman Jamie Byng said: "There are few things more meaningful than the personal recommendation. Having one million books given to one million different people on one night in this way is both unprecedented and hugely exciting."
Volunteers have until 4 January to apply to become a book-giver. The 20,000 people selected will be invited to take part in parties and celebrations on World Book Night, which is being supported by BBC Two.
To know more about it, go to: http://www.worldbooknight.org/

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